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2021年7月31日 (土)

SmartGen | SmartGen Helps Post-disaster Drainage Work

When disaster struck, helps came from all sides! After many days of hard work by the people’s soldiers and rescue teams across the country, the flooding disaster in Zhengzhou city has been gradually brought under control. Some areas are currently undergoing post-disaster treatment and reconstruction work such as drainage.


At this time, the products and service personnel of SmartGen were also contributing their part in the front line disaster areas.

On July 26, the drainage work in Songfu Village, Guodian Town, Xinzheng City, was in intense progress. The mobile emergency sewage truck used on site is equipped with SmartGen HGM6110N genset controller.


SmartGen technical service personnel rushed to the site on the same day, c ooperated with on-site rescue personnel to carry out logistical support work, to ensure the normal operation of mobile emergency suction pump on the sewage truck.


During this period, the rescue from all over the country made the people of Henan in this disaster feel the great warmth of compatriots. Donations from all walks of life, the selfless assistance of rescue teams across the country, soldiers who ran around on the front line of the flood fighting regardless of fatigue, and the brave men who stepped forward to save people despite the danger in the disaster……All of them make people feel that heroes actually exist around each of us!


Photos from People’s Daily

Thank you to everyone who contributed and made efforts for the disaster relief in Henan!

SmartGen, which also suffered losses in this disaster, actively rescued itself and also donated cash and gensets through Zhengzhou High-tech District Charity Federation. We will also continue to make efforts to make greater contributions to society!


In addition, for users who use SmartGen controllers, if the controller was damaged by water in the flood disaster, we will provide maintenance services for free!

Contact Number:0371-67988888
Engineer Zhou:18638200172

Continuous improvement, teamwork creates value!
Born to be new, Go Henan!



2021年7月29日 (木)

SmartGen | Split Type Diesel Genset Controller HGMS61 Listed

1_20210729011301 2_20210729011301 3_20210729011301 4_20210729011301 5_20210729011401 6_20210729011401 7_20210729011401 8_20210729011401 9_20210729011401



2021年7月26日 (月)

SmartGen | He was still a new employee through constant returning to zero


Time flies, from a fledgling new college graduate to the current manager of the information department, Liu Chao has entered SmartGen for 12 years. The young guy in the past has grown into a “Karl” with a trace of gray hairs.

In 2009, the company moved to Jinsuo Road factory area. In the same year, Liu Chao graduated from school. This year he joined SmartGen as a network management post. At that time, the company had fewer than a hundred people, but the network management work was "the sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs." There was no difficulty for him in website construction, daily network management, and maintenance of various computer software and hardware. In addition, due to the need of work, he also taught himself design-related work, and undertook various publicity design and promotion, exhibition design and construction of the company. He seemed to be omnipotent and omniscient, and was called "encyclopedia" of SmartGen by colleagues.


With the improvement of the company's informatization, Liu Chao began to lead the Informatization work. The interconnection of information software in various fields has become the focus of his work. He was not a computer software professional and had no experience in software development. So he had to teach himself various development languages. The customized needs of each department required him to know the business of each department, deeply understand the needs of each department and responded quickly, and undertook the division of labor and cooperation and training of team members at the same time. In the face of challenges and pressures, he was always methodical. What was impressive was his cute canine tooth and the smile of a typical technical man.


In the second half of 2020, company decided to independently research and develop the "SmartGen Cloud Plus" in order to provide users with more intelligent cloud monitoring services. Liu Chao had a new role, and his work content has changed from meeting the needs of internal departments to meeting the needs of external users. After five months of independent R&D by Liu Chao and his team, the "SmartGen Cloud Plus" was launched on March 18, 2021. It realized the functions of accessing to the cloud platform faster and easier to operate. Five months of closed development was an ascetic experience, but he and his team have submitted a satisfactory answer to the company and users with love and perseverance!

He was a dedicated person and the father of two children. At a departmental dinner, his lover told the leader to criticize him. It was okay for him to be obsessed with code, but he took his two children to sit in front of the computer.


The leader replied: Chao, this was wrong and you must be criticized. This advanced education was too early!

But the leader was also happy. Education should started with children. The future of SmartGen was promising!

4_20210726104901 41_20210726105301

For twelve years, he used love, focus, responsibility, and innovation to explain what was the spirit of SmartGen. “I am a piece of brick, where necessary where the removal.” In his own words: Persistence because of love; Living up to it because of trust.

He has been in company for more than ten years. He was still a new employee through constant returning to zero.



2021年7月23日 (金)

SmartGen | Thanks being there with SmartGen!

The torrential rain was ruthless, but the world was full of love.
This torrential rain touched the hearts of many people.
The most beautiful figure in the torrential rain was the cutest person!
In the face of disaster, our compatriots were heroic compatriots, and our country was heroic country!

When disasters struck, help came from all sides. Facing the unexpected disaster, SmartGen organized employees to rescue themselves and quickly resumed production on July 21. We paid close attention to the situation after torrential rain and donated cash and 3 gensets through the Zhengzhou GaoXin District Charity Federation, hoping to contribute a effort to flood prevention and post-disaster reconstruction.



In recent days, many of our users, suppliers, and brother companies have called, sent text messages, and sent emails to care about our situation. Even though we were thousands of miles away, SmartGener still deeply felt the warm friendship from all over the world.


Although our mobile phones had no signal and network, all departments leader still actively contacted every employee who have not replied safety by telephone to ensure that every colleague have arrived home safely.


Although rain was accompanied by wind outside, our lovely colleagues were still walking in the wind and rain, and tried their best to repair it in order to resume production.



The torrential rain was ruthless, but the world was full of love;
Thanks being there with SmartGen!
G0, He Nan!




SmartGen | Complex System Management---GC-3000XT/easYgen-3500XT


GC-3000XT and easYgen-3500XT basically solve any problems of large genset power station control system, manage working status of up to 248 gensets. The standard CANBUS and ETHERNET communication redundancy function make the whole system more reliable. The control system has complete genset management, synchronization and power management function, also has mains peak shaving, emergency reserve, multi-unit parallel, mains grid-connection and other functions.


GC-3400XT Group Management Controller

1.The whole power station system can have 8 GC-3400XT group management controllers;
2.Each group can manage 31 gensets with easYgen-3500XT;
3.GC-3400XT and easYgen-3500XT have communication redundancy function;
4.Manage all gensets automatically start/stop according to load.


easYgen-3500XT Genset Parallel Controller

1.Genset controller for complex parallel application of up to 32 gensets and 16 MCB/GGB;
2.Complete engine, genset and practical program protection;
3.Up to 9 communication ports: 3 ETHERNETs, 3 CAN (CANopen and J1939), RS-485, USB, interface expansion card;
4.Customized logic, HMI screen and alarm.


System Simulation Tool

To facilitate the commissioning of large genset power station, we have analog simulation software of whole system. It is convenient for us to add equipment configuration via PC without starting genset, simulate genset start/stop and working logic under various conditions on PC and display it with graph. This allows us to avoid the safety problem and fuel consumption caused by repeated start during commissioning.


To sum up, WOODWARD complex system management of GC-3000XT and wasYgen-3500XT is worth your choice!



2021年7月15日 (木)

SmartGen | Expansion Module Solves RS485 Interface Trouble


As the common serial communication port, RS485 interface is widely used in various industrial equipment. With the development of the Internet of Things and the demand for equipment remote monitoring, a single RS485 interface can no longer meet different monitoring demands. SmartGen has developed one RS485 interface expansion module SG485-3 to meet the product market demand.

Main Functions

1.MODBUS RTU communication protocol;
2.DC 8~35V supply;
3.Guide rail installation;
4.1 RS485 interface is expanded to 2 RS485 interfaces;
5.Power, communication status LED indication;
6.Built-in 120Ω matching resistor;
7.8-digit dial switch can set master and slave communication address.

Communication Connection Diagram


Terminal and Communication Address Setting



1.MODBUS is an international communication protocol for exchanging data between equipment of different manufacturers;
2.MODBUS protocol has three modes: MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII, MODBUS TCP;
3.The physical hardware interfaces of MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII are serial communication ports (such as RS485, RS232, RS422);
4.The physical hardware interface of MODBUS TCP is EHTERNET interface.



2021年7月14日 (水)

SmartGen | Women are excellent as men; Stick to quality lifeline

This is your first impression when you see her: thin body and not wide back.

She walked in every corner of the workshop every day, carefully checked every board in her hands, communicated various quality risks with workshop employees. When she stopped, she looked around the processes of workshop, thought about better improvement plan...

She was Kang Yaping from the Quality Center, the IPQC team leader who ran around the production site every day. She wrote her own persistence and determination with her practical actions. Her little body contained great energy. The so-called "female employees are excellent as their male colleagues" heroine was that all.


The guardian of perfect quality assurance

In the face of products that may have quality risk, she transformed into a "cheetah" with a sensitive sense of smell, observed every detail of the product keenly. All the defects can be found after her inspection of the product. she has established an insuperable quality lifeline for the perfect storage of products with her keen risk identification ability and serious and rigorous work attitude.

The explorer of inquiring into the bottom facts in the affair

I still remembered that in a cold winter night, the time had already pointed to 8 o'clock in the evening, and she brought a product to find her supervisor. She felt that the factory setting of this product was abnormal, but other people’s explanations did not match her perception of the product’s function. She must find the real reason to deliver the product to customers with confidence. In the help of her supervisor, she found R&D personnel to check it and confirmed that it was normal. she was relieved and notified the workshop to produce after carefully making the product confirmation records. It was nine o'clock in the evening, and her children was waiting for guiding homework. Later, she said that you can say that I was serious, but next time I encountered the similar problem, I would still do it, so that i felt at ease.

what the simple and unadorned words were the qualities that a quality person should have! Inflexible and firm, even though the road ahead was full of brambles, I would get out of the difficulties.


The clairvoyant of discovering excellent improvements

When it comes to excellent improver of quality center, she was the only one. She never believed in the saying that "what exists is reasonable". In her eyes, everything had the room to improve, and all processes had the room to optimize. The improvements she has promoted were obvious to all, and colleagues went to her specifically to find the points of improvement. She was very enthusiastic to help them. Improvement requires everyone to involve, and she was the driving force of total improvement!

Every effort will be rewarded, because the splendor of striving will last forever; Every giving will be returned, because the power of struggle will never stop. “Sharpening makes a mighty sword, and cold makes a plum blossom”, we see more persistence and effort from Kang Yaping. She is like a seed that spreads positive energy, her little body contains great energy. She fulfills the unique inflexible and persistence of quality person with her practical action, and sticks to the quality lifeline of SmartGener for years.



2021年7月 8日 (木)

SmartGen | Hybrid Energy System Application Case

With China’s “Emission peak, Carbon neutrality” strategic goal, the traditional energy industry will usher in new challenges and development opportunities. Photovoltaic, wind power, stored energy and other new energy sources will have better development space in the future. SmartGen has deeply engaged in the field of genset control for many years, combined with the characteristics of hybrid energy and unique advantages in genset control, developed the hybrid energy control system with HES9510 as the core.

Hybrid energy includes solar energy, stored energy, wind energy, mains, and genset. HES9510 is used for genset and energy system like solar energy, wind energy, energy storage battery with inverter as output, which can control start/stop of inverted power, output mode, output size and output breaker close/open, etc. It can also control genset start/stop according to the load condition, provide spinning reserve for inverted power, and control converter to charge and discharge the energy storage battery, thus realizing data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” (remote control, remote measurement, remote communication) functions. The mains application scenarios are as following:

Resort Hotel

It is mainly supplied by mains, solar energy and genset. Under normal conditions, solar energy and mains are grid-connected to supply power, which can realize peak-valley TOU tariff scheduling mains and solar energy supply. When mains becomes abnormal, the optimal configuration of supply can be realized by solar energy paralleling with genset.



It is applied to remote island without mains. The system is composed by wind energy, solar energy (PV), storage energy battery pack and genset. Wind and solar energy supply the load and charge the energy storage battery pack during the day, wind and energy storage battery pack take load in the evening, if the battery pack lacks power, genset will take load.



The supply energy is composed by mains, solar energy, stored energy, wind energy and genset. Combined with our actual application of hybrid energy supply system, the following is an introduction to the functions and system running of HES9510.


1) System Composition

2) Running Description

Solar energy and stored energy grid-connection supplies power for the industry from 8:00am; The stored energy is insufficient to withdraw from the supply system, solar energy grid-connection begins to supply power. Mains charges the energy storage battery from 12:00pm to 8:00am the next day to realize economic deployment of peak-valley TOU tariff. Solar energy can be used to generate about 20kWh of power per day.HES9510 controller can communicate with inverter, converter, BMS via RS485 interface, and schedule the utilization of energy. It can communicate with multi-unit parallel controller HGM9510N and bus grid-connection controller HGM9560 via MSC to realize hybrid supply control of mains, generator, stored energy, photovoltaic and wind power system. Our developed 15.6-inch color touch screen display can remotely monitor the overall system running and monitor on phone or PC via “Cloud Monitoring” platform.

HES9510 Application Modes:

1.With Mains (Large Power Grid): Power is adjusted through HGM9560. Constant active power and reactive power is outputted to mains according to the set energy priority. VF is provided by bus while PQ is provided by other energies.

2.Island Mode (Micro-grid): Mains is unavailable. The unit will take load according to the set energy priority (exclude mains). VF is provided by genset prior to energy storage power station. PV power station can’t take load alone.

3.Active Control Mode
Constant power mode: It constantly outputs set active power.
Inverter control mode: The output of active power is controlled by inverter itself but not controller.

4.Reactive Control Mode
Constant power mode: It constantly outputs set reactive power.
Power factor control mode: Reactive power outputs according to power factor, or controller automatically controls the inverter according to power factor (if inverter supports).



2021年7月 5日 (月)

SmartGen News丨Governor Wang Kai And His Party Visit SmartGen For Research And Guidance

On July 3, Wang Kai, governor of Henan Province visited SmartGen for research and guidance the "Interconnection of Thousands of Enterprises" activity. Governor Wang Kai walked into the SmartGen exhibition hall, production workshop, and testing center, had cordial conversations with the company’s head and employees, and inquired in detail about the company’s technological innovation, production and operation and future planning, and encouraged the company to focus on its main business, lead innovation, and further Improve the governance structure and enhance innovation capabilities.




Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen, reported on the company's development plan and current difficulties. Wang Kai discussed and exchanged with everyone around these issues, listened to suggestions and gave his guidance. Cui Wenfeng said that under the guidance of the values of "innovation, focus, and lean-better; integrity, responsibility, and win-win", SmartGen will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of "continuous improvement, teamwork creates value", work hard in internal combustion power generation, make greater contributions to economic and social development, and continue to support intelligent manufacturing!



2021年7月 3日 (土)

SmartGen | SmartGener Always On the Road for Dedication

——Salute for SmartGener who went abroad to serve customers without fear of the epidemic.

The bright moon climbed high in the sky.

Although it is nearly midnight, lying in the small bed of the public rental housing, he still couldn’t sleep and tossed and turned for a while. It’s almost two hours, he calculated silently. Then he directly sat up, drank a glass of water, exercised his fingers and body. Just as he was about to lie down again, “Ding”, the new message came. He couldn’t wait to open WeChat, and there was a message from her, with just a few words: “Go on and take care of yourself.”

Two days ago after dinner, the usual video chat with family member living in their hometown was underway. He asked about how the eldest daughter was doing and teased the younger daughter. Recently, the eldest daughter was in a mood and wanted a set of roller skates. He slightly calculated in the heart and felt a little distressed for this requiring hundreds of yuan plus protective equipment. The daughter asked it again in the video, hesitated for a while, he hemmed and said, “You are too young to play now, let’s buy it when you are grown up.”

The children went to play, leaving only the two of them.

“Tell you something.”


“I have to go on a business trip.”

“Go ahead.” As the service personnel, he also often did that.

“But this will spend a long time.”

“How long?”

“A bit long anyway.”

“How long is it? It’s not like this before.” He went to Changsha for the on-site maintenance for more than one month.

“Almost three months.”

“So long. Where to go?”

“Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

“Where? Which province?”

“Abroad, in Africa.”

“What? Are you crazy? Hang up first, let me check.”

The video call ended abruptly. He laughed bitterly and slumped down on the bed. “Almost as predicted,” he thought to himself. The moon outside the window had risen quietly, but it is not so clear to see. It looked hazy, maybe because of dark clouds or haze.

After a while, the phone video call rang, he quickly grabbed it.

“No, you can’t go. Do you want to kill yourself? I just checked. It’s so dangerous in the abroad, not only the COVID-19, bus also Ebola. You also don’t know foreign language.”

“It’s OK, they are all Chinese.”

“You are the backbone of the family, what if something happens to you? Our two children are still so young, and our parents are old. No way.”

“It’s OK, don’t worry.”


“How many people will go?”

“Just me, it’s fine.”

“You just say it’s OK. There are so many people in the company. Why others do not go?”

“More people want to go. There was a little fatty in our foreign trade department, crying and shouting to go, but the leader didn’t let him go.”


“He is not familiar with the technique, hey hey.”

“Why does it take so long time?”

“It requires the quarantine for a while after arrival. We need to debug the project, so arrange more time. Besides, the longer the time, the more the subsidy. The little fatty said that foreign business trip subsidy is high, how nice it is to earn more money without considering food and housing. Don’t worry, I’ve been vaccinated. It’s very safe. It’s living with a project team of one of our major clients, they are all Chinese. Everything is OK……”

“What? You’ve been vaccinated. You’re ready to go. You did not discuss with me.”

“I am discussing with you now. Hello? Hey?......”

With a sigh, he hurriedly tried again to initiate a video chat with her, again and again, it was rejected. He could only edit the message paragraph by paragraph, sending her what he wanted to say and what he thought.

Outside the window, the hazy moon could not be seen, this time it was really completely obscured.


The day of departure was Grain Full. Although the road is still far, just a little satisfaction appeared. The airport was deserted because of the epidemic, but some passengers were still in a hurry. We meet by chance, we were all foreign guests, we were in the rush for life. When he knew that he was not the only one who suffered in the world, he could reduce the pain and light up hope in despair and loneliness.

He chose a window set, and the first trip abroad made him excited and uneasy. There are also some fears, possibly. After all, the destination is so strange. The moon has been hanging high in the early morning, and the moonlight was so bright in the remote airport. He suddenly remembered a poem that was often placed on the little fatty’s desk. After reading it for a long time, he seemed to remember only one sentence: She’d follow it to shine on her beloved one’s face.

At this moment the family is asleep, she must still be awake. Opening his phone, he edited a large message for her to say. After sending it out, he still wanted to write another paragraph. After writing and deleting, deleting and writing, feeling a bit unlucky, he simply sent only one word: “Gone!” before turning off the phone.

“When I get back, I’ll buy the eldest daughter a set of roller skates”, he muttered at 30,000 feet high, looking out the window at the bright moon that was about to come full circle.

------A long way is dedicated to a place far away,

------Rose is dedicated to love,

------What do I dedicate to you?

------My love.


African service site

Meanwhile, in Murom, Russia, more than 6,000 kilometers away, despite the fact that it was already 8 o’clock in the evening, the sunset and the cold moonlight were intertwined. An alarm suddenly appeared on the large screen of the parallel monitoring system. Being outside the monitoring room in the smoke, he habitually scratched his hair after hearing the alarm, looked back, immediately extinguished the cigarette butt in his hand, wrapped up the old blue jacket and rushed in……

(To be continued!)



2021年7月 2日 (金)

SmartGen | 4000m³ LPG Ship “Yuehua Erhao” Runs Successfully


“Yuehua Erhao” Ship


Upbound Ceremony of “Yuehua Erhao”


Successful Trial Voyage of “Yuehua Erhao”


Main Switchboard Inspection Site of “Yuehua Erhao”

On June 13, 2021, “Yuehua Erhao”, the largest 4000m³ LPG ship in the Yangtze River Basin built by Wuzhou Shipbuilding, sailed smoothly from the Wuzhou Shipbuilding wharf to its home port in Hunan Yueyang at full speed. On April 8, 2021, the ship’s automatic power station passed the CCS inspection. It was successfully launched at 10:18 on April 15 and completed the trial voyage on May 18. All test results meet the specifications and regulations, and achieve the design requirements, the trial voyage was a complete success.

This ship is a normal temperature full-pressure LPG ship with twin engines, twin propellers and twin stern rudders, which is designed by CSDI (Changjiang Shipping Design Institute). The whole ship is made of steel with partial double bottom and double shell structure. The steam pressure of tank design is 1.75 MPa, the design temperature is (-10~+45)°C. It can be used to carry a variety of LPG goods, including butylene, propylene, pentene, propane, pentane, mixed butane/propane, VCM, DME, Mixed C4, etc. The designed navigation zone of this ship is inland river A/B class navigation zone, J2 class segment. It mainly sails from Shanghai to Yichang, and then passes through the Three Gorges Dam to Chongqing.

The ship’s main switchboard adopts SmartGen HMC6 multi-master power management controller to realize automatic schedule and protection functions of 3 main gensets. During the commissioning process of the power station, SmartGen on-site service personnel, together with the main switchboard manufacturer, the project management staff of Wuzhou Shipbuilding, the shipowner’s representative and complete genset manufacturer, worked side by side to ensure that the power station passed the acceptance of CCS with high standard. It is another successful application of SmartGen marine control products in marine automatic power station.


“Yuehua Erhao” Main Switchboard


SmartGen Marine Engine Control & Power Station Power Management Solution Diagram

After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, SmartGen marine related products have passed BV and CCS certification. These products are widely used in offshore platforms, offshore wind power booster stations, luxury yachts, public service ships, ro-ro passenger ships, container ships, bulk ships, crude oil carriers, refined oil carrier, full-rotating tugs and other types ship.



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