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2021年8月27日 (金)

SmartGen | Big News—New Upgrade of HAT821S Parallel Function

The function of two-line one bus tie controller HAT821S has been greatly upgraded. It mainly optimizes and improves the related functions of parallel transfer, which can realize local mode, parallel mode selection, electrical interlocking release and other functions. The specific functions please refer to the following introduction.


1.Parallel Mode
1)Four optional modes
a)Non-parallel: Parallel transfer is inhibited in this mode;
b)Manual parallel: Controller can manually operate parallel transfer in manual mode;
c)Auto parallel: Controller automatically does parallel transfer when the master power is auto restore in manual mode;
d)Manual/Auto parallel: Parallel transfer can work both in manual and auto mode (in auto restore).
2)Parallel mode setting
a)Set it via controller first menu;

b)Parallel mode can be controlled by Aux. input port (external knob), the input port priority is higher than controller setting;


c)Main screen can show current parallel mode.


2.Local Mode
1)Local mode can be controlled by Aux. input port (external knob);

2)When local mode input port is active, “Local Mode” will be displayed on the main interface;

3)When local mode is active, controller only displays not control, electrical interlocking release output port does not work, electrical interlocking is active parallel is inhibited).


3.Non-normal parallel alarm and action
1)Non-normal parallel refers to normal parallel not operated by the controller. If three switches have this occasion, controller will initiate alarms immediately, main interface displays “Switch Parallel Alarm”.

2)If non-normal parallel occurs, controller will immediately control the last closed switch to perform the opening action for the safety of electricity.


4.Electrical interlocking release
1)Add “electrical interlocking release” function for Aux. output ports, the electrical interlocking of three switches is controlled by three output ports;
2)When controller is in parallel mode, relay will automatically close, electrical interlocking is released; when controller is in non-parallel mode or local mode, relay will not output, electrical interlocking is active.


After upgrading, HAT821S slave computer software version is V2.2, host computer software (test software) version is V1.6.0.1, please update the test software in time. Finally, we give you the guide, details please refer to the drawing!




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« SmartGen 丨 SmartGen Cloud Plus Online Live | トップページ | SmartGen | The first exchange in autumn »